What is a Personal Injury Deposition?

At at deposition, Anchorage-based Personal Injury Attorney Ben Crittenden will accompany you to the office of the insurance defense lawyer where he will ask you questions about your case, such as how a car accident happened or how your neck or back injury feels. A deposition is essentially a question and answer session where you will swear to tell the truth. The questions and answers are recorded by a court reporter.

What Is A Deposition?

If you are bringing a lawsuit for injuries you suffered then you will be required to testify about your knowledge of the events and your knowledge of the injuries. You will also be asked questions about how those injuries have affected you and what treatment you've received to treat those injuries. The deposition is conduct consistent with the Rules of Alaska Civil Procedure.

Prior to your 'deposition' you will meet with Ben, either on the day you are scheduled to be asked questions, or on a scheduled day before the deposition. During that meeting, he will prepare you extensively about what you can expect will be asked of you by the insurance defense attorney. By the time we have finished the meeting, you will be aware of practically all the types of questions you will likely be asked by our adversaries.

What Is A Deposition's Typical Procedure?

Once your deposition session is finished, you can expect to receive a copy of the booklet that contains all of the questions and answers asked and given. You will also receive special instructions about how you must review the transcript for any errors, and what to do if you find factual or typographical errors. You should review it with the same detail you would a job application.

On another date, Attorney Crittenden will have an opportunity to then question the 'defendant' (the party that you have sued) to determine from them what happened and why. You are welcome to attend the defendant's deposition with Ben, however there are some instances where he will advise against being there, and in some instances he will encourage the client to accompany him. Once the depositions are finished, this is often the first real opportunity for an insurance adjuster to evaluate what they believe is the value of your case.

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