Parking Lot Safety Tips

With the holiday shopping season now upon Anchorage, many shoppers will be flooding the store parking lots. The holiday bustle at these parking lots increase the likelihood of parking lot accidents.

The following are some tips to help lessen your chance of being involved in a parking lot mishap.

  • Go slow and proceed with caution - Many parking lot accidents can be avoided by driving at a school-zone speed. You should also keep your headlights on and use extra caution when turning or backing up.
  • Correctly set your side mirror - Moving the side mirrors further out can benefit many drivers. Adding blind spot mirrors to your side mirrors can also help improve visibility.
  • Utilize technology - If you’re going to be purchasing a new vehicle, you might consider buying one with collision avoidance technology. Rear view camera displays, radar and ultrasonic systems, vehicle cross traffic alert systems and parking assist systems all aid in safety and accident avoidance. 
  • Park far away from other vehicles - Parking far away from other cars lessens the chances of dings and dents. And walking is good for you anyway!
  • Look for pull-through spots - Pull-through spots eliminate the need to have to back out later. 
  • Be extra careful on windy days - Strong winds can easily blow a car door or a loose shopping cart into your car.
  • Keep an eye out for stray carts -Stray carts can be run into or rolled into your vehicle, doing quite a bit of superficial damage to your vehicle.

By following these simple tips, you improve the odds of an accident-free holiday shopping season.

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