How Workers Compensation Attorneys Are Paid

My name is Ben Crittenden and I'm workers comp attorney practicing law in Anchorage Alaska. Today’s topic is how does my workers comp attorney get paid. A workers comp attorney gets paid on a contingent hourly basis which means, because it's contingent, the workers comp attorney believes in your case when he takes the case. Because if the case doesn't succeed then the workers comp attorney does not doesn't get paid. And it's also hourly, so the workers comp attorney bills hourly then adds it up at the end of the case when there's a settlement and then tell us the insurance company, “this is how much time I've built into this case.”

Cost To Hire A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Now a lot of people are unsure when they come to me about how about how I get paid as a workers comp attorney. Some think that they need to pay me a retainer in the same way that a criminal defense attorney gets paid which is the case. In workers comp case I'm paid on a contingent hourly basis and something that think that I'm not an entire settlement the same way a personal injury attorney and that's not the case either. Actually, the way your workers comp attorney is paid is. When there's a settlement, say the case sells for fifteen thousand and that's based on the value of the case to the injured employee. The attorney has been paid based on the amount of hours that he put into your case and that's paid separately by the insurance company to the attorney and the amount that the attorney is paid has nothing to do with the amount that's paid to the injured employee.

More Questions About How Workers Comp Attorneys Paid?

So in conclusion, a worker's comp attorney is paid on a contingent hourly basis. You don't need to give them a retainer you don't have to pay anything upfront and you don't need and the workers comp attorney is not paid out of the entire settlement the way a personal injury attorneys paid the attorney workers comp attorney is paid on a contingent hourly basis so that's our topic for today. My name is Ben Crittenden, I’m a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Anchorage AK and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.