How Personal Injury Attorneys Are Paid

Hi, my name is Ben Crittenden. I'm a personal injury attorney in Anchorage Alaska. Today’s topic is how my attorney get pays.

Well, personal injury attorneys are paid a little differently than most attorneys, like criminal defense attorneys and other situations. For instance, a criminal defense attorney you would pay a retainer to. So, you would say pay a three thousand dollar retainer maybe for a DUI case and then the attorney would bill off of that retainer. But, in a personal injury case you actually don't have to pay any money down the attorney works on a contingency basis which means that the attorney gets paid out of a settlement. So if the attorney takes your case that means that the attorney really believes in the case because he won't get paid unless there's a settlement and he doesn't get paid at all until the case settles.

Anchorage Personal Injury Lawyer Ben Crittenden's Policy

In my practice, I do a one-third contingency so one-third of the total. I keep it up 1/3 because I really do not like to discourage people from going to trial at all and some people may be discouraged by that increase in the percentage of the settlement that goes to the attorney. I really enjoy going to trial and you're really giving the people the opportunity to exercise you know their legal rights whatever that way they want, if they want to settle their case or if they want to take it to trial. So that's our topic for today how does my personal injury attorney get paid. I'm Ben Crittenden and I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you.