How Much Does an Injury Attorney Charge

Most personal injury lawyers handle their cases on a contingency fee basis. The is the practice of the Law Office of Ben Crittenden. We handle all our personal injury cases on a 1/3 contingency. 

A contingency fee agreement means that our firm will represent you and your case, do all of the work, invest all expenses and costs, in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds of any recovery. You will be consulted prior to any significant expenses being invested in the case, as costs eventually get deducted from the client’s recovery compensation. 

The benefit of the contingency arrangement, for both attorney and client, is clear: both parties have a decisive interest in maximizing the total recovery. The more the client is compensated, the more the lawyer is compensated. It is clear in such an arrangement that both the lawyer and the client are on the same side of the table, both actually as well as economically.

If you have been injured in a car accident or some other type of accident caused by someone else, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer before talking with the insurance company. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Ben Crittenden for a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options and find out our estimate of the value of your case.