What Are Depositions In Personal Injury Cases?

Today’s topic is “What is a deposition?” A deposition is the defense attorney’s opportunity to find out more about your case. To find out how the accident happened, what you’re treatment is like, and what types of injuries you’ve received. If you’re going to claim any lost wages, the defense attorney will ask about that and if you’re going to have any future treatment, the defense attorney will also ask you about that.

Now the depositions are very informal settings so it’s nothing to get too nervous or uptight about. There will be 4 people in a conference room, most likely defense attorney’s conference room, and there will be you, the defense attorney, your own lawyer, who will most likely be sitting next to you, and a court reporter who will write down the questions asked and the answers you give to those questions. Now it’s important to remember that the deposition is sworn testimony that is that it’s under oath. It has the same force and effect as any testimony you would give in a court of law. So if you decide to go to trial the defense attorney will be able to use that deposition testimony to cross you up at trial. So it’s important that you are well prepared for that deposition, that you’re answers are well articulated and that your answers are consistent at trial with your testimony at the deposition.

So that's our topic for today “what is the deposition.” My name is Ben Crittenden, I’m an attorney in Anchorage Alaska and I thank you for listening.