10 Tips for Taking Independent Medical Exams

The following are helpful tips to keep in mind before, during, and after your independent medical exam:

  1. If possible, have someone accompany you to your IME, such as your attorney or a nurse. This person should take detailed notes or, if permissible, make an audio recording of the exam. This is especially important because this evidence may be admissible in court in the event a dispute arises between patient and doctor.
  2. Do not sign any paperwork, other than a sign-in sheet, without an attorney’s permission.
  3. Be honest and polite with the IME doctor. In many cases, a patient’s conduct during their IME can affect the result of their workers’ comp claim.
  4. Be forthcoming about any previous injuries. Do not minimize or exaggerate any ailment.
  5. Do not speak to the doctor about the insurance company, adjusters, or attorneys.
  6. Do not discuss any potential settlement.
  7. Provide a thorough history of symptoms and medical treatment relevant to your condition.
  8. Make the doctor aware of any pain you experience during your exam.
  9. Remember that you are being observed at all times during your IME. Doctors are often trained by insurance companies to look out for any suspicious patient behavior.
  10. Prior to an independent medical exam, it is advisable to seek the advice of a workers’ comp attorney. Before your IME, an attorney may be able to foresee questions a doctor may ask and help prepare the right answers.

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