Ben Crittenden Got My Daughter's Charges Dismissed

Where do I start. I live in California.  I was going through the internet searching for an attorney to help represent my daughter that lives on the JBER base that was charged with Domestic Violence/Family Violence.  I was nervous,  scared, too far away to help. After reading all the reviews I came back to the Law Offices of Ben Crittenden. He had so many good reviews.  I sent in my request for a consultation and his paralegal Monica called me within hours.  Monica is God sent. She put my fears at ease instantly.  I said, "how do I know what attorney to choose? She said, "go with whom you feel most comfortable." She offered to meet my daughter on base in the library and talk with my daughter who was going out of her mind at this point, nervous and scared. She had never been in trouble with the law before in her 24 years of life. I told my daughter if you like her we will hire them. My daughter told me she will know by her handshake.  After their meeting I asked how it went.  My daughter said it went well. Let's hire them and her handshake was genuine.  After their meeting and paying my retainer Monica was with us 100% of the way. The personal touch she provided to our case put all our fears at ease. She is wonderful every step of the way.  If you need a good attorney  please consider Ben Crittenden's office.

- Martha H.