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A Guide to Car Accident Claims in Alaska

Shock isn’t just a medical term. It also applies to how confused and overwhelmed you will feel after a car crash. You’re supposed to be focused on healing. Instead, you keep turning over questions in your mind: How will I pay for my medical care? If I do pay my doctor bills, can I still buy groceries and pay the rent? What will my family do for income while I can’t work?

The people you expected to help you are only making things worse. The insurance company keeps calling, dunning you with questions. The police were polite and efficient at the scene of the collision, but they say they’ve done all they can for you.

You wonder where you can get help and how to get the answers you need now.

The last thing on your mind might be finding an attorney and pursuing a legal case, taking a step in that direction may help relieve your stress and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. To help you get started, attorney Ben Crittenden wrote this book, A Guide to Car Accident Claims in Alaska. This free book offers readers both an overview of car accidents and accident law in Alaska, as well as practical tips that can help you today.

Our book offers information on:

  • Common types of accidents
  • Alaska vehicle laws
  • Liability and negligence in Alaska
  • Auto insurance
  • What to do after an accident
  • Common insurance company tactics
  • Types of compensation available
  • The role of an accident attorney

Ben has been helping to protect Alaska car accident victims by making sure their stories are told. He works hard to give injury victims a voice so they can obtain the justice and compensation they deserve when another person’s negligence causes serious harm. After reading his book, you and your family will have a better understanding of your rights and legal options, and you will feel confident moving forward if you decide to pursue a legal claim.

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