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Car collisions and motorcycle accidents can result in injury, property damage, or death. These cases may require legal aid from an experienced personal injury attorney, especially if the accident was a result of a hit and run car accident or the other driver is under-insured or uninsured.

Motor vehicle accidents can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, semi or tractor trailer trucks, delivery vehicles, passenger vans, and many other types of vehicles. Traffic accidents often result because of excessive vehicle speed, driver distraction (texting or talking on a cell phone while driving), and driver impairment (drunk driving), as well as road design. If you or a family member has suffered as the result of a car accident, Anchorage Car Injury Lawyer Anchorage Car Injury Lawyer Ben Crittenden and the Law Office of Ben Crittenden can help you.  We understand the loss and devastation that can occur as a result of being in a serious car accident, and Mr. Crittenden is committed to helping car accident and motorcycle accident victims recover just and fair compensation.

We have extensive experience pursuing car and motorcycle accidents in a number of areas, including the following:

Legal Research: Answers to your car & motorcycle accident questions

As a victim injured in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked vehicle accident questions below to help you with this process.

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You Need an Experienced Anchorage Car Accident Lawyer to Negotiate with Car Insurance Companies

Insurance claims adjusters are trained to reduce the amount of a settlement that you are paid. Insurance companies want you to believe that handling auto accident claims is a simple matter that does not require the assistance of a personal injury attorney who specializes in MVAs. The only way to make sure that you get a fair settlement or award is to have car accident attorney who understands the insurance system, is well prepared and experienced in trying cases in court, and of course, will do everything possible to fight for your rights.On a daily basis, insurance companies delay payment, offer insufficient settlements before car accident victims fully understand the extent of their damages, or sometimes simply flat out deny any valid car accident injury claims made against them.

After all, every car accident and every individual injured in an auto accident is unique, and these are not always easy cases. Attorney, Ben Crittenden, knows that a wide variety of injuries can result from a car wreck, and that car accidents may be caused by the negligence on the part of another driver, a truck driver or trucking company, a motorcycle, or even the design and condition of the road or highway.

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