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Many automobile drivers do not respect the rights and motor laws regarding pedestrians. Anyone operating a vehicle has a responsibility to obey the motor laws and drive in a safe and attentive manner. Similarly, pedestrians also need to follow the rules of the road. When these rules are not followed, serious injuries or death can result.

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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian Accident AttorneyA pedestrian should walk on the sidewalk if possible. When there is no sidewalk, you should walk facing traffic so you can see the oncoming vehicles.

While out walking. you should dress in brightly colored clothing so it is easier for drivers to see you during the day. During the evening, you should wear reflective clothing such as shoes or jackets that reflect the headlights of oncoming traffic.

You should always make sure to cross the street at marked crosswalks. When crossing a road, stop at the curb or the edge of the road. Then look left, then right, then left again, before stepping into the street.

If you see a car, wait until it goes by before repeating your check of the road by looking left, right and left again.

If a car happens to be parked where you are crossing, first make sure there is no driver in the car. Then go to the edge of the car as though it were the edge of the road and look left-right-left until no cars are coming. As you are crossing, continue looking for cars. Always walk, don’t run, across the road.

The top reasons for pedestrian accidents include limited or obstructed views, slippery pavement, glare, obstruction or debris and animal actions.

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