Ben Crittenden is an Alaska State Criminal Defense Attorney Committed to Fighting for Your Rights

If you have been accused of misdemeanor or felony in Alaska, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you and protect your rights consistent with the principle of our criminal justice system and the Alaska Constitution. It is best to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer rather than face the prosecution on your own.  Our office has experience defending cases in both State and Federal courts.

Fighting State Criminal Charges in Alaska

Criminal Defense AttorneyAt the Law Office of Ben Crittenden, we will thoroughly investigate your case.  We will determine whether your constitutional rights were violated by examining the police procedure and the evidence.  We have extensive experience defending criminal allegations in a number of areas, including:

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At the Law Office of Ben Crittenden we work hard to get the best outcome in your case.  To get more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced criminal defense lawyer regarding assault charges, please contact us at 907-771-9002, visit our frequently asked questions page, or our Blog page.