Speeding Frequently Leads to Vehicle Accidents

Car speeding on a winding scenic driveWhile vehicle accidents in Texas are sometimes caused by conditions beyond a driver’s control, such as bad weather, most collisions are caused by someone’s negligence. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a contributing factor in 27 percent of all fatal vehicle crashes during 2015.

The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding is risky because:

  • It increases the risk that a driver may lose control of his vehicle.
  • Speeding increases the risk that other drivers may underestimate your speed, causing them to pull out in front of you.
  • It creates higher collision forces, which are likely to increase the damage to vehicles and drivers alike. When speed increases from 40 to 60 miles per hour, the collision force more than doubles.
  • Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to turn, since turns are more difficult to negotiate at higher speeds.
  • Speeding increases reaction times, since a speeding driver is less capable of reacting to obstacles in the road than he would be at lower speeds.
  • The higher the speed at which a vehicle is traveling, the longer it will take that vehicle to stop in order to avoid a collision.
  • Speeding reduces the efficacy of seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones.

Recovering for Damages

When you’ve been involved in a collision caused by a speeding driver, you’re entitled to recover for your medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. To do so, you’ll need documentation to support your claim, including:

  • Testimony from expert witnesses, to establish the severity of your injuries and demonstrate how those injuries will impact you financially in the future.
  • Copies of your pay stubs and tax returns, to show the income you were earning prior to the accident.

You Need an Attorney

Regardless of whether a motorist speeds because he is running late, doesn’t realize how fast he is going, or simply enjoys driving fast, if his speeding results in an accident he is responsible for the damage he causes. To receive the compensation you deserve, contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden, P.C., by clicking the Live Chat button on this page.