Avoid Social Media After Your Vehicle Accident

avoid social media after car accidentAfter experiencing the trauma associated with a vehicle accident, you may be tempted to tweet about your injuries, or post pictures of your wrecked car to your Facebook account. However, sharing the details of your accident on social media can be a huge mistake. Consider the conclusions an insurance adjuster might reach from reading your posts. Have you shared something that could cause him to accuse you of lying, or that might be used as evidence to suggest that your damages really aren’t that serious?

Avoid Posting If Possible

In our modern digital age—with nearly everyone sharing their thoughts and stories on social media—profiles are one of the first places insurance companies look for evidence to devalue a vehicle accident claim. Updating your social media profiles after your accident to let everyone know you’re going to be okay will make your friends feel better. Unfortunately, it may also cause the insurance company to question just how serious your injuries truly are. The best way to avoid this problem is to refrain from posting on social media at all.

If You Do Post, Be Careful

If you opt to continue posting, keep your statements brief and completely factual. Avoid emotional outbursts about the accident or the insurance company. Change your privacy settings to allow only friends and family to view your posts, and be wary of friend requests from strangers. Insurance company employees sometimes pose as alternate personas in order to gain greater access to social media profiles. Don’t accept friend or follow requests from your insurance adjuster. Your relationship is purely professional, and your adjuster shouldn’t be sending you personal connection requests on any of your social accounts.

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You’re best served by keeping all of the details of your accident to yourself. The less you say publicly, the stronger your vehicle accident claim will be. Our FREE vehicle accident guide gives you the information you need to navigate the aftermath of a collision. To learn more, contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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