Receiving Compensation for Injuries From a Head-On Collision

Head-on collision between two automobilesVarious types of vehicle accidents are dangerous, but head-on collisions are especially serious. According to the Federal Highway Administration, wrong-way driving collisions kill an average of 300 to 400 people each year.

Why Head-On Collisions Occur

For motorists to be involved in a head-on collision, a driver or mechanical error must occur. Head-on collisions can happen for any reason, but some of the most frequent causes include:

  • Confusion over one-way roads. If a driver is unfamiliar with the road he is traveling on, he may wind up heading in the wrong direction.
  • Distracted driving. Drivers can veer into the wrong lane when they become distracted by cell phone use, eating, or drinking.
  • Fatigue. Drowsiness is a frequent cause of head-on collisions. Falling asleep at the wheel can cause a driver to lose control of his vehicle, and quickly stray from his intended lane.
  • Impaired driving. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause a driver to become disoriented, and swerve into a lane of oncoming traffic.
  • Improper passing. Impatient drivers may cross the double yellow line in an attempt to pass, colliding with oncoming vehicles.
  • Road hazards. Debris in the road, potholes, or cracks can cause a driver to swerve or lose control, leading to a head-on collision.

Seek Medical Attention

If you’ve been injured in a head-on collision, you should seek medical attention immediately. Injuries sustained in head-on collisions frequently include:

  • Head and neck injuries. Due to the tremendous impact forces caused by a head-on collision, serious head and neck injuries are common.
  • Cuts and bruises. Shattered glass and jagged metal from a head-on collision often leads to cuts and bruises.
  • Death. Unfortunately, serious head-on collisions frequently are fatal.

Damages You May Recover in a Head-On Collision

If you’ve been a victim of a head-on collision, you may be able to recover for:

  • Past, current, and future medical costs.
  • Past, current, and future lost wages.
  • Property damage.
  • Pain and suffering.

You Need an Attorney

Unfortunately, since the speed of two vehicles is combined when they strike each other, head-on collisions can cause a tremendous amount of damage and can result in serious injury. If you’ve been hurt in a head-on collision, you need an experienced attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden, P.C., by clicking the Live Chat button on this page.