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In the event that a patient has been hurt by the careless activities of a licensed healthcare professional, that patient may be qualified to restitution or compensation. Ben Crittenden is a medical malpractice attorney who is experienced at looking for legitimate pay for such negligence.

Medical malpractice can occur when a healthcare professional neglects to follow procedure or performs an unnecessary operation. In the event that you or a friend or family member was harmed as a consequence of medical malpractice, please call our medical malpractice lawyers at 907-771-9002.

Alaska Medical Malpractice Attorney

Ben Crittenden is an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Anchorage. With years of personal injury experience in Alaska, Ben has the information and experience to get you the decisions that you merit. The mix of our malpractice aptitudes and hard working attitude has brought about court and favorable negotiated settlements.

Anesthesia Mistakes

While anesthesia mistakes are most often thought of as occurring in an operating room, they can occur in a wide variety of situations. SOme of these other situations include during dental procedures or labor and delivery. They also happen in pre-op and recovery rooms and during all sort of out-patient procedures in clinics and doctor’s offices.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can be caused by any damage to a developing brain. This damage can be genetic or from an injury. Medical malpractice can occur when complications during delivery aren’t identified.

ER-Hospital Negligence

A hospital may be held accountable for a patients injuries if a physician or other hospital employee is careless. They may also be held responsible if an employee did not have the proper skills or violated the rules and procedures.

Nursing Home Abuse

Medical malpractice can be found due to nursing home neglect. Nursing home neglect happens when a patient does not receive the physical, emotional, or psychological care needed to maintain their quality of life.

Conception Injuries

A birth injury is one of the most tragic events for a parent. It becomes even more traumatic when the injury was due to malpractice and could have been prevented.

Erbs Palsy

When Erb’s palsy (or Erb–Duchenne palsy) occurs, it usually results from a difficult birth that may have been worsened due to malpractice. Children born with Erbs Palsy can suffer partial or total paralysis of this arm.


Most people trust the opinions and diagnoses of medical doctors. However, when healthcare providers fail to diagnose a patient properly causing serious injury or death, they should be held responsible.

Prescription Errors

With the use of prescription drugs becoming so prevalent, the number of people taking multiple prescription drugs at the same time is incredible. Malpractice can occur at many different steps in this process from the doctor to the pharmacist.

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