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Auto accidents due to negligence of the other driver can be a difficult, traumatic experience. As an Alaska-based personal injury law firm, The Law Office of Ben Crittenden is ready to help you. An experienced personal injury attorney, Ben Crittenden will guide you and provide answers whether your accident was a major collision or minor fender bender.

Call the accident attorneys at The Law Office of Ben Crittenden if you or a loved one has been in an auto accident and you are searching for answers or compensation.

What You Can Expect

Ben Crittenden is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Alaska who is experienced in car accident litigation. As an auto accident attorney, Mr. Crittended has the know-how and experience to get you the results you deserve.

Our Anchorage, Alaska personal injury firm will represent you as a car accident attorney with a sound combination of work ethic and courtroom savvy.

Head On Collisions

Being experienced Anchorage auto accident attorneys, Ben has seen first hand the devastation head-on collisions have on an injury victim and their family.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, head-on collisions are among the most dangerous and deadly of all motor vehicle accidents. Injuries resulting from head-on accidents often result in lasting disability or death for their victims.

Side Impact Collisions

Side impact collisions are quite common and can be very serious accidents causing about 8,500 deaths per year.

Also known as “being t-boned”, a side impact collision happens when the side of your vehicle is struck by the front of an oncoming vehicle. These accidents typically occur at intersections when a vehicle fails to yield at a stop sign or red light.

The seriousness of side impact collisions depends on several factors, including the speed and weight of the oncoming vehicle, and where that oncoming vehicle collides with yours.

Side airbags help reduce the number of fatalities occurring from side impacts. Note that children under the age of 12 should not ride in the front seat of your vehicle. The force of an airbag deploying can cause death to a child no matter how severe the force of the accident itself.
Rollover Accidents

If a you or member of your family has been injured due to a vehicle rollover accident, be aware that the vehicle or the road conditions may have contributed or caused the accident.

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