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Working on a construction site can be quite hazardous. Construction workers must always be aware of their surroundings as they need to be aware of moving hazards and watch out for falling objects while trying to get their actual job done. Supervisors and other managers have a responsibility to make sure all the proper safety measure are in place.

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Alaska’s Labor Law

Alaska has a statute that provides special legal protection to workers who are working at heights. There are two reasons for this law. First, the severity of the injuries that result from elevated falls. And secondly, the fact that construction workers have to depend on the project owner, general contractor, construction/project manager, or other person in authority to provide a safe working environment while they are in a potentially dangerous position. These managers are primarily responsible for making sure any elevated work location is kept as safe as possible.

Ladder & Scaffold Injuries

Scaffold and ladder injuries total nearly 41% of all injuries occurring from falls on construction sites. Working on ladders and scaffolding is much more dangerous than doing other types of construction jobs.

Falling Objects

As dangerous as a construction site can be, some accidents are hard to foresee and protect against. Falling objects are one of the hardest. Ceiling collapses and loose tiles are a potential danger and a source of injuries from falling objects. when coming from a height, the impact of a small tool causes severe head and brain injuries and can even lead to death. While some injuries from falling objects are quite mild, others can be completely disabling. If an entire ceiling collapses, that could lead to death.

Defective Machinery

A worker who is injured while using unsafe or defective equipment may be entitled to more compensation than just their workers’ compensation benefits. Because most equipment becomes defective through poor maintenance, it is the owner who becomes responsible for this defective piece of equipment.

Also at high risk are workers at sites with heavy equipment and machinery. These workers run a higher risk for injury as they are more often exposed to defective or unsafe equipment that has not been properly maintained.

Crane Accidents

Mnay safety precautions need to taken when operating a crane. Crane operators in Alaska are required to have extensive training to ensure the correct operation of their crane. Crane operators and the workers nearby need to exercise extreme caution to avoid causing a crane accident.

One common crane accident that occurs is when a crane comes into contact with a power line. This contact can often lead to electrocution and causes the majority of crane accident fatalities.


Families can be devastated by electrical accidents involving the high-voltage electricity found around construction sites or in their neighborhoods. A person who is exposed to high voltage electricity can suffer a permanent disability or death.

Power companies, construction companies and building owners in Alaska are required to follow strict rules and safety standards. If these rules are not followed they can lead to devastating injuries.

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