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When left uncovered or unsecured, swimming pools and hot tubs become a hazard for toddlers and small children.

Swimming accidents can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • Diving board mishaps
  • Diving in shallow water
  • Electrocution
  • Lack of supervision
  • Failure to cover the pool or hot tub
  • Inadequate fencing
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • No lifeguards or improperly trained lifeguards

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Beach Lake Drownings

Undertows at beaches often are responsible for drownings there. Undertows can be very dangerous and unpredictable… when a wave breaks on a beach, the water from the wave that runs up the beach reverses flow back down the beach to the ocean. This water is called backwash and can also be dangerous because as big waves break one behind the other, the incoming waves frequently push the previous backwash sideways. This causes water to run along the shoreline like a stream until it finds an exit. At the exit point, it flows back into the lake or ocean in a strong outward flow called a rip current. Rip currents often appear flat and rippling. The fastest flow of water in a rip current is in the middle. Luckily, rip currents lose strength as they spread wider and eventually disappear when they reach the open water outside the waves.

An undertow happens where waves break over a riptide. The force of the wave then pushes the outgoing water down, creating an undertow.

Pool Accidents

A child can drown in an instant. In fact, most swimming pool accidents occur because a pool was not properly secured. Children under the age of four are most susceptible to these drowning accidents which could be prevented. All swimming pools need to have safety measures are in place, regardless of whether the owner has children of their own.

  • Above ground pools – One simple way to avoid having a small child accidentally fall into your pool is to make sure the safety ladder is either latched or removed entirely. If you have a pool with a deck, make sure there is a gate that can be latched after each use.
  • Inground pools – It is especially easy for children to fall into an inground pool. The area around the pool needs to be securely fenced. Anyone with a pool on their property or those who live near a waterway should review water safety tips with your children. Regardless, it is the pool owner’s responsibility to make sure all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent a tragic accident from happening.

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