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Property defects such as wet floors, unlit stairwells, and construction site defects can cause thousands of slip and fall injuries each year. The slip and fall accident victims sometimes suffer severe injuries as well as wrongful death. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you should contact an Alaska slip and fall lawyer to gauge if you should be owed for the negligence of a business or property owner.

There are many factors to consider, such as previous complaints about an existing hazard, determining negligence of a business or property owner, and determining negligence, if any, of the individual injured. A personal injury attorney will examine all of these factors and more while investigating your case.

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General Slip and Fall Information

Slip and fall accidents occur in a number of ways including stairway accidents, falls on slippery surfaces, falls from terraces or balconies, sidewalk falls, parking ramp falls, and bathtub and shower falls.

A property owner who invites people onto their property has an obligation to keep their property in a safe condition. If the property owner was negligent and should have known about the dangerous condition that caused a slip and fall, you may be compensated for your injuries if you can prove that fact.

Because the conditions surrounding each slip and fall accident are unique, you should consult an experienced slip and fall lawyer to handle your case.

Fall on Ice and Snow

Property owners must maintain the parking lots and sidewalks on their property by ensuring that snow and ice is removed to avoid possible safety hazards.

The law is reasonable and allows property owners a fair amount of time to have the snow and ice removed. Therefore, if you fall on a sidewalk during a snow or ice stor, the property owner may not be liable. However, if there is a large, unnatural build-up of ice or snow, the property owner may be held liable for your slip and fall accident.

Examples of unnatural buildups include when ice accumulates on the roof, melts and drips off due to a clogged drain, and then refreezes on the ground; or when the parking lot causes melting ice to form puddles that refreeze into ice patches.

In addition, if you are renting and the property owner provides snow or ice removal, they must provide regular maintenance as agreed upon.

Gathering Evidence of your Slip and Fall Accident

If possible, we recommend collecting the following:

  • Photos. Take photographs of the scene of the slip and fall accident, your clothing and shoes, and any injuries that were sustained such as bruising, cuts, scrapes or required stitches or casts.
  • Witnesses. If anyone witnessed your fall, try to obtain their name, address and telephone number.
  • Accident Report. If you suffer injuries in a department store, grocery store, or other retail outlet, file an accident report. An accident report can be made by asking for the manager. The manager will document your version of the accident. This report can be quite important when trying your case. Obtain a copy of the accident report before you leave, if possible.
  • Evidence. Save the item that caused your fall. If you slipped on something slippery such as a piece of fruit or a vegetable, place it in a plastic bag and freeze it. Another good idea is to store the shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident. The shoes can be placed in a plastic bag and taped shut to preserve any debris that stuck to your shoe.

If you are unable to obtain evidence, an attorney at The Law Office of Ben Crittenden will gather as much information as possible. Unfortunately, the best time to collect evidence is right at the time of the fall. Photographs and statements taken at the time of the accident are valuable before a jury.

Fall Down Stairs

Broken or defective stairs cause many slip and fall accident cases.

Steps should have the same rise and depth, with clearly visible edges. Stairs should also be free of debris or other obstacles which could cause an accident.

Stairwells should also be well lit and have sturdy handrails on both sides.

While everyone has responsibility to watch where we are going, property owners need to show reasonable care of their property.

Who is Liable?

For a property owner to be held legally liable (or responsible) for your injuries, one of the following must be true:

  • The owner of the premises (or one of their employees) must have caused a spill or other dangerous condition.
  • The owner of the premises (or one of their employees) must have known of the dangerous condition and failed to correct it properly.
  • The owner of the premises (or one of their employees) “should have known” a dangerous condition was present.

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