Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving drunk does not just affect the person behind the wheel.  It also affects passengers, other drivers, family members, and friends hurt by the effects of driving behind the wheel.  In Alaska, a person can be convicted of a DUI for driving other the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, such as marijuana.  According to some statistics, about 1/3 of all persons arrested for DUI are repeated offenders.

Civil Suits for Drunk Driving Injuries vs. Criminal Proceedings

A civil suit against a drunk driver is different from any criminal proceedings a drunk driver may face. Criminal prosecutions are designed to protect the public. A drunk driver can face criminal prosecution even if there is no accident or injury involved.

A civil case is a personal injury lawsuit filed by the victim of a drunk driver. If you are injured by a drunk driver, a civil suit could be your only recourse when attempting to recover the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, damaged property or other economic damages. You may also recover non-economic damages, such as money for your pain and suffering.

A drunk driver’s conduct and criminal charges expose him to punitive damages at trial as well.  You will also be entitled to actual attorney fees at trial under Alaska’s crime victim statute.

Who is Responsible for Drunk Driving Accidents?

A number of parties may be held responsible for drunk driving accidents, including:

Drivers:  Drunk drivers are are of course responsible for their own behavior if they injure some while driving intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance

Hosts:  People who host parties where alcohol is served can be held liable in the event a guest causes a drunk driving accident, especially if the host was known to provide alcohol to the guest after he or she was clearly intoxicated.

Bar/Restaurant Staff & Owners:  Bar and restaurant owners and employees can also be held responsible for drunk driving accidents. It is their responsibility to stop serving patrons that appear to be intoxicated.

How Can the Law Office of Ben Crittenden Help?

When you call us after your drunk driving accident, we’ll investigate the accident and any contributing factors, including any parties or bars where the negligent driver may have consumed alcohol prior to causing the crash. Then, we’ll fight to get you damages for your accident-related expenses.

If you have been injured in a car accident by a drunk driver, you should contact a personal injury attorney  Contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden at 907-771-9002 for a free consultation.  You can also visit our personal injury page, car accident page, and our Blog for more information.