What is a medical lien and how does it impact my car accident recovery?

Your first priority after a car accident should be to get the medical care that you need. Medical costs can quickly add up, however, even if you have health insurance. For a variety of reasons, you may be unable to pay for the medical care that you need.

But You May Be Able to Get Medical Care Anyway

The hospital or doctor who is treating you may agree to provide you with medical care in return for putting a lien on your eventual car accident settlement or court recovery. In other words, you will receive the medical care that you need now and the hospital or the doctor will later be paid out of the money that you eventually recover for your injury claim.

According to Alaska law, the hospital or doctor may have a lien against your recovery that includes:

  • The reasonable value of the services provided before the date of the settlement or court recovery.
  • The hospital or medical provider’s costs or reasonable attorney fees as allowed by the court.

Typically, the hospital or doctor will notify you of a lien in writing before your case is decided. The lien must describe the exact services that were provided and the amount of money that the hospital or doctor expects to be paid.

Know What to Expect Before Your Case Is Resolved

Your attorney should know about all of the medical care that you have received as a result of your accident injuries and how that care was or will be paid for by you. If there is a medical lien against your future recovery, then you can be confident that the hospital or doctor will make the lien known so that it can be paid in a timely way.

Liens can be complicated. You want to make sure that they are paid as required by law, but that you do not overpay. Your lawyer can make sure that your liens are paid and that your recovery is maximized. To learn more, please contact attorney Ben Crittenden for a free, no-obligation consultation about how you can get the medical care that you need and the recovery that you deserve after an Alaska car crash.