What dangers do box and delivery trucks pose in Anchorage?

Why box trucks are dangerous to other motorists and pedestriansThey have become a common sight in most neighborhoods: delivery trucks bringing residents packages, groceries, and other items. With the increase in online shopping, there are now more delivery trucks on Anchorage roads than ever before. This means an increase in delivery truck crashes.

Many Delivery Drivers Are Inexperienced

Also known as box trucks, delivery vehicles can be challenging to drive—particularly for the inexperienced driver. Many businesses experience high turnover rates, so they often hire drivers with no prior experience. These high-profile vehicles are unstable and usually have a manual transmission, making them difficult to maneuver. Often drivers are in unfamiliar neighborhoods with pedestrians and cyclists as well as children playing, so distractions are everywhere.

Causes of Box and Delivery Truck Crashes in Anchorage

Some of the common causes of box and delivery truck accidents include:

  • Distraction. Delivery drivers who are looking at their GPS to find addresses, checking their personal messages, talking to a co-driver, or dozing off at the wheel put people at risk on busy local streets.
  • Speeding. Time is of the essence for most delivery drivers, so they may drive over the speed limit to finish their routes on time.
  • Sudden stops. Drivers who are looking for an address in an unfamiliar area might stop and start suddenly, causing a crash with the car behind them.
  • Illegal parking. Delivery trucks often block driveways or other vehicles, forcing moving cars to go around them and potentially into oncoming traffic.
  • Poor loading. If trucks are not loaded properly, this can throw off the balance of the truck, making it more difficult to drive.

If you are involved in an accident with a box truck driver, you might be able to hold the driver and the driver’s company liable. Calling an attorney after an accident can seem daunting, but an experienced lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected, and you are able to obtain all the compensation you deserve when the crash was not your fault. Call Anchorage attorney Ben Crittenden to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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