Four Situations When You Should Call a Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Do I really need a lawyer? It’s common for accident and injury victims to ask themselves this question. What will an attorney do? Will it be worth the money? It’s true that there are times, with small, straightforward claims, when an injury victim may be able to handle their own case. Conversely, there are certain times when it’s especially important to seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer. Situations such as the following have serious implications for your life and the lives of those you love going forward:

  • Fault is not clear. Perhaps the police report does not appropriately detail what happened, or you know that you share some small degree of responsibility. You will have to state a compelling case and provide evidence that will prove your claim. An attorney has done this before and can help you obtain the information you will need.
  • You’ve suffered serious injuries that will require long-term care. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries, they will need medical help. This care is expensive, and it may be ongoing. Without a lawyer, victims could lose out on compensation that can ensure proper treatment and financial stability.
  • Your car was totaled. You will have to work with an insurance company, either your own or the at-fault driver’s, to deem the vehicle a total loss and receive your settlement. In addition, you will have to address your transportation needs during the investigation period and while the paperwork is being processed. This can become an expensive undertaking.
  • An insurance company is giving you a hard time. If an insurance company is constantly calling, pressuring you to provide information or accept a settlement you think is too low, you need an experienced advocate on your side. This is especially true if the insurance company is trying to deny your claim outright. They will employ tactics to save themselves money, and injury victims should not have to suffer.

Calling an attorney after an accident can seem daunting, but an experienced lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and you are able to obtain all the compensation you deserve for the healthiest, most successful future possible. In Alaska, attorney Ben Crittenden has helped many accident victims and their families tell their stories, and he can offer you answers today. Call his Anchorage office to set up a free, no-obligation consultation, or request his free newsletter, which will provide a variety of information to help you make the best decisions about your accident and injury claim.

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