Preventing Pokemon Go Accidents and Injuries

You have probably already seen them, if not participated yourself… hundreds of Alaskans wandering around Downtown Anchorage trying to capture Pokemon using their phone’s camera. By leveraging the smartphone’s technology, Pokemon Go allows players to leave their bedrooms and capture Pokemon in real-world locations. The little monsters appear on your smartphone screen, as you walk through your neighborhood and makes it appear as though they are right in front of you.

While the game has caught fire across the nation with up to 25 million people playing in the US PER DAY, the augmented reality game has led to some unintended consequences—injuries.

The Washington Post reports on a string of Pokemon Go-related injuries occurring across the country. Tweets and Reddit postings are documenting broken bones, sprained ankles, minor scrapes, and mishaps while seeking Pokemon and driving.

Here are some basic tips to avoid injury or mishaps while playing Pokemon Go:

Be aware of surroundings

Players commonly trip or run into obstacles while distracted by the game. However, players in Alaska face additional dangers. “Not only do people need to make sure they don’t walk into traffic or into a fixed object, we live in Alaska. This means we have wildlife. People walking around need to be looking up in case they come across a bear or moose,” wrote APD spokesperson Renee Oistad.

Do not trespass on private property

Pokemon trainers should not trespass on private property in their quest to capture Pokemon. In particular, the National Weather Service office in Anchorage has warned residents to not trespass on property while catching Pokemon with this message, “Pikachu reminds you that Pokemon trainers must not trespass on federal property.”

Don’t drive and Pokemon Go!

Needless to say, Pokemon Go and driving is as dangerous for you and those around you as texting and driving.

So, follow the above rules while out capturing Pokemon and keep yourself safe in the process!

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