Summer is Here - Liability Issues to Be Aware Of

Summer is a busy celebration season. Graduation parties, cookouts, and pool parties dot the landscapes of many people’s social calendars. If alcohol is being served, the hosts of these gatherings should be aware of potential liability issues.

Hosts Should be Aware of Liability Issues

Over the last century, most states have established “dram shop” laws. These laws allow third-party lawsuits to be filed against restaurants, bars, and sports venues, among other licensed alcohol vendors, who sell alcoholic beverages to patrons whom they knew—or should have known—were intoxicated who go on to injure others or cause property damage.

Social Host Liability Laws

“Social host liability” laws are similar to dram-shop laws but may hold accountable any individual who serves alcohol to a guest. This includes homeowners or tenants who host a gathering at their private residence. However, social host liability laws vary widely from state to state. For instance, some states do not impose any liability on social hosts unless the intoxicated person was a minor. Some states limit liability to injuries or damages occurring on the host’s premises, while others extend beyond the gathering’s location (e.g., drunk driving).

If you are hosting a special event at your home, enjoy yourself. But if you are serving alcohol, it’s not enough to simply focus on having enough food, a clean house, and so forth. Exercise good oversight of your guests, too—for their well-being and your own. And if you become the victim of a drunk person’s actions, be aware that they might not be the only party responsible. A good personal injury attorney can help you sort out your options.

Take Action Quickly

If you have been in an auto collision, it is important to contact a lawyer so that you can take action as soon as possible. The sooner that you take action, the more likely it is that evidence will be available to help you prove your claim and that the more likely it is that you will get a fair recovery sooner.

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