Some Falls Shouldn’t Happen

Falls are a common occurrence among the elderly. Diminished strength, reaction time, vision, and balance; injury; and disease are all contributing factors. However, the incidence of falls is significantly elevated in nursing homes, compared to seniors who live at home or with loved ones.


Up to 75 percent of nursing home residents fall on an annual basis, more than double the rate for elderly citizens in the general population. Adults age 65 and over are also four times more likely to die from falls or fall-related complications in a nursing home than they are living at home or with other family. To be fair, elderly residents in nursing homes tend to be older and in poorer health than seniors who live at home. Even so, nursing homes should be able to prevent the majority of these incidents.

In too many situations, a nursing home may put profit ahead of the well-being of residents. Many nursing homes are understaffed to save on costs, resulting in employees who are stressed, overworked, and undertrained. In this climate, the risk of resident falls is heightened. Proper foot care, shoes, and walking aids may be neglected. Environmental hazards such as poor lighting and slippery or littered floors may go unaddressed. Incorrect bed heights and faulty bed rails might go unremedied as well.

Falls produce not only physical harm, but emotional and psychological damage as well. The fear of falling may cause a resident to lose further function, withdraw socially, and suffer depression.

If your loved one has experienced a fall in a nursing home, contact a nursing home attorney to protect their rights.

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