The Complexity of School Bus Accident Claims

For children injured in school bus accidents for which the school district may be at fault, liability and compensation issues can be trickier than normal.

School Bus Claims Can Be Complicated

For example, a public school is considered part of the local government. Because a government entity is involved, you are required to send the school district—within a short time frame—a “notice of claim,” which alerts them to your claim and offers them a chance to respond. If they deny your claim (likely), you are free to file a lawsuit in civil court to recover compensation. In addition, recovery may be limited, and punitive damages are generally off the table.

A school district is typically responsible for the actions of its employees. However, if a school bus driver is found guilty of an egregious action, such as driving under the influence, he/she may be fully liable for damages. If the school district had prior knowledge of similar incidents, they may share liability.

When a private transportation company is hired by a school district to bus students, the company may be responsible for all injuries sustained in an accident, or at least partially responsible. School bus owners must also properly inspect, repair, and maintain their vehicles.

Other potential liable parties in a school bus crash include manufacturers of defective vehicle parts; the local or state government (e.g., failing to fix a hazardous road condition or faulty traffic signal); and other drivers who are negligent in their actions.

The stakes are high in school bus accident cases. If your child has been injured due to negligence, contact a school bus accident attorney to protect their rights.

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