Railroad Crossings Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Alaska is not known for having a lot of trains.  Even so, railroad crossings are sometimes unavoidable. Most of the time you can safely drive over the crossing. Many people have also been injured as pedestrians by trains.  It’s important to recognize the dangers because when an accident does occur at a railroad crossing or at another point along the rails, the results are often catastrophic.  

What to Watch Out for at Railroad Crossings

Here is a list of things to watch out for at railroad crossings and trains in general:

  1. All railroad tracks are active. Expect locomotives and cars to move in any direction at any time.
  2. When crossing railroad tracks remember to stop, look and listen.
  3. Do not climb on any cars of locomotives unless they have stairs, ramps, or are designated as open to the public.
  4. Railroad yards are sometimes open to the public.  Be sure to watch your step at all times and remember to watch for moving trains.
  5. Supervise your children at all times when you are near railroad tracks.
  6. There are many tripping hazards around railroad tracks.  Be sure to watch your step at all times.
  7. Never walk on the rails.
  8. Be aware of the possibility of steam, smoke and cinders from operating locomotives.

You Need an Attorney

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