HMCC Program Takes Steps to Reduce Homelessness and Recidivism

The Alaska Dispatch has reported on the “Success Inside and Out” program held at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. The annual event gives women at Hiland Mountain an opportunity to hear from former inmates who made important, lasting changes in their lives since their release from Hiland. The event was founded in 2006 by Alaska Supreme Court Chief Justice Dana Fabe.

The program is designed to help women plan what they will do after they are released from Hiland. This “post-release plan” includes learning about jobs, clothing, and housing, among other things. This is an important program. Many inmates often do not have anywhere to go after they are released, and some will sooner or later return to the people, places, and things that got them in trouble to begin with.

This problem of people returning to jail is often called recidivism—a topic we have looked at before in this blog.

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