Harms and Damages Caused by Auto Collisions

If you've been injured in a car or truck wreck, pain and suffering are some of the most serious harms you may have to endure. These are the injuries that affect your quality of life.  Many people don’t realize the many other ways a serious accident can impact their lives.

A List of the Harms You Can Suffer in a Car Wreck

The following list is designed to give you an idea about some of the different types of damages that may be available to you (in addition to pain and suffering) if you suffer injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence in a motor vehicle wreck:

• Past, current, and future medical bills

• Lost wages (past, present, and future) and loss of employment

• Emotional distress

• Impairment of bodily health and vigor

• Disfigurement

• Wrongful death; the financial assessment reflects both economic losses and non-economic losses

• Property damage

• Aggravation of a pre-existing injury

• Funeral expenses

• Punitive damages

• Loss of consortium

• Interference with normal living

• Loss of enjoyment of life

• Confinement – actual and/or a fear of future confinement

• Lifetime limits on activities

• Injury to peace, happiness, or feelings

As you can see from this list, it is important that you receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine the injuries and harm you’ve sustained after an accident. Your personal injury lawyer will use this information to help him decide what would constitute a fair and full settlement and jury verdict with respect to the injuries you have suffered.

If you have questions about potential damages, please call our office to speak with one of our accident attorneys.

You Need an Attorney

When you have injuries resulting from a car wreck, you need professional representation by an attorney with the experience necessary to win your case. You need a lawyer who you can have full confidence in. To learn more, contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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