Nursing Care Expenses After an Alaska Car Accident

A disabled man moves into his new nursing homeSomeone who has suffered a serious injury in a car accident can require a significant amount of medical care. These injuries can leave accident victims unable to meet daily needs for themselves; at times, they can call for more medical expertise than even the most dedicated family members can offer. During these times, treating doctors may recommend that the accident victim should receive care from a skilled nursing facility. While this care can provide the best opportunity for as full a recovery as possible, it is expensive, and many injury victims and their families wonder how they can afford a nursing home stay.

When Nursing Home Care Might Be Necessary After an Accident

Some injuries and conditions may dictate round-the-clock nursing care. Especially serious injuries or those that affect one’s ability to perform daily functions may require near constant care or very frequent monitoring and therapy.

Common conditions that may necessitate intensive nursing care include:

Accident victims with existing medical conditions may also require this type of care for other injuries sustained in an accident.

For some, long-term care insurance will cover the cost of this care. However, many individuals do not carry this type of coverage, and it’s normal to be concerned about paying for the necessary care.

Obtaining Nursing Care Through Medicare or Medicaid

There are government programs that can help injury victims obtain care in a skilled facility. Medicare and Medicaid can provide care for those who meet the requirements, which are:

  • Medicare. Medicare benefits are typically only available to those who are 65 years old or older, or those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.
  • Medicaid. Medicaid benefits are available for low-income individuals and families. Specific income thresholds (based on household size and other factors) must be met to qualify for the program.

While these programs can be useful for those who qualify, many accident victims do not meet these requirements. Often the individual or family earn too much income, and even Medicare will only cover recuperative for a limited period of time. It is also possible, however, to cover the cost of this care with money from a personal injury lawsuit.

Obtaining Compensation for Medical Expenses After an Alaska Car Accident

In Alaska, accident victims can hold the person responsible for an accident accountable by filing a personal injury lawsuit. These claims can provide compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property loss, and more. Skilled nursing home care can be considered a medical bill, and the responsible party (or his insurance company) can be compelled to cover the cost of the victim’s necessary care.

Every accident situation is different, just as every accident victim is unique. At the Law Office of Ben Crittenden, P.C., Ben and his team want to get to know your story and help you obtain all the care and compensation you need to move forward. Even if you aren’t sure if you have a case, call our Anchorage office to speak directly with Ben, who can answer your questions today.

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