Make Sure Your Home is Safe for Seniors

Home is where the heart is; and it’s where many of the people you love reside, as well!

How to Make Sure Your Home is Safe for Seniors

If you are caring for an older individual or someone who might have problems with balance and stability, you want their home to be one that reduces risks of falls and injury. Even if someone feels confident where they live, the home remains where most accidental falls occur.

There are some easy steps you can take to help lower the risks of such an accident happening in the home. It’s all about having a watchful eye:

• Eliminate obstacles.Cluttered hallways and corners should always be kept clear of obstacles, especially anywhere on or near staircases.

• Provide handrails and bars.Staircases and bathrooms are a must for these simple but saving devices. Make sure they are securely installed and ask for the help of an experienced contractor if you doubt your confidence in installing them yourself.

• Fix potential hazards.Sometimes, parts of the home itself can be in enough disrepair to increase the risk of a fall. This can include loose carpeting (and don’t forget that rugs may also cause problems), uneven floor boards, and other fixtures that can become obstructions.

• Increase visibility.Well-lit areas are less likely to be the scenes of accidents. Install brighter bulbs where needed and add night lights in areas that may receive traffic at night (such as in bathrooms, and between bathrooms and bedrooms).

Further precautions you can take may depend on the specific needs and conditions of those in your home. Following these few tips will help make sure that everyone in your home is as safe as can be.


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