It is Illegal in Anchorage to Drive with Your Dog Loose in the Bed of Your Truck

We love our dogs in Alaska.  And we often drive with them in the bed of our truck. This is a common sight in Alaska.  But is it okay to drive with them loose in the bed of our truck?

It is Illegal in Anchorage to Drive with Your Dog Loose in The Bed of Your Truck

It is a familiar sight in Alaska to see a dog riding loose in the back of a pickup with its head held high sniffing the wind. But you should know that while it is legal in some parts of Alaska, it is definitely ILLEGAL in Anchorage.  If you drive with your dog loose in the bed of your truck in Anchorage you can be fined.  Fines can range from $50 to $1,000.

There are several ways to be safer and avoid a fine. First you can put your dog in the cab of the truck. Second, you can enclose the truck bed with sides and a tailgate that are at least 46 inches tall. Third, you can secure you can secure your dog either in a carrier or by using a cross tether that ties the animal to the truck in such a way that it can't go over the bed or choke itself. Safe, effective tethers are sold in pet stores specifically for restraining dogs in the backs of pickups

Why Should I Think Twice About Driving with My Dog in the Car?

The main reason is that dogs are potential projectiles.  A 10-pound dog can turn into 300 pounds of force in a 30 mile per hour car accident.  An unrestrained dog can be dangerous for the driver, passengers, other motorists and the pet.  It is important to consider the potential consequences if you are in a car accident, however, even if the accident is not your fault.  The practice, which is more common in rural areas than urban, is a traffic hazard and can easily lead to serious injuries or death for the dogs.

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