Winter Motorcycling Challenges—More Than Snow and Ice

Motorcyclists face unique circumstances. They have only two points of contact with the road, are more vulnerable in a crash, and rider visibility is a perpetual issue—problems magnified by winter conditions.

How to Avoid Winter Motorcycle Accidents

In regions that experience winter’s full barrage, motorcyclists are more scarce. However, other motorists may not be as alert to the few who remain on the roads. The sun’s low angle over winter complicates visibility, too, as do motorists who clear off frost and snow from only small portions of their vehicles’ windows.

Cold tires have diminished traction compared to warm ones. Tire pressure will be affected, too—it’s not a bad idea to check the tires prior to each outing. Freeze-and-thaw cycles can lead to potholes, cracks in the road, etc., which are even more threatening to motorcyclists. Road salt and chemical treatments can compromise traction, and a road’s outer edges are more susceptible to ice buildup.

Sometimes temperatures fluctuate rapidly. Traveling through wooded/shaded areas or descending into low-lying areas may lead to a wet road suddenly becoming an icy one. 

Dressing properly for the elements is critical. The cold can make a rider feel fatigued, diminishing alertness and reaction time, and cause muscles to stiffen, hampering maneuverability. Simply shivering can be distracting. Equipping a motorcycle with cold-weather wind guards and winter riding pegs can help combat winter conditions.

Finally, motorcyclists caught in a snowstorm need to employ commonsense measures like any other motorist: slow down, increase following distance, signal earlier, or pull over. 

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact a motorcycle or auto accident attorney to protect your rights.

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