Trunk of Treat Halloween Event in Eagle River

We had a wonderful time at the 2018 Trunk or Treat in Eagle River.  We gave out candy, water bottles, paper pads, pens, soft hockey pucks, and had a raffle for Legos and Survival Kits. Here are some pictures from the wonderful evening:

Where Do Jack-O'-Lanterns Come From?

Since it's Halloween time, we thought you might enjoy this anecdote about the origins of the jack-o'-lanytern.  One theory on the origin of jack-o’-lanterns is tied to an Irish folktale and a man named “Stingy Jack.” Long story short, Jack bartered with the devil over a bar bill, tricked the devil, and negotiated soul-claiming exemptions.

After Jack died, his unsavory qualities disqualified him from heaven, and the devil barred him from hell (wounded pride). The devil told Jack to head back to where he came from and tossed him one of hell’s embers to light his way. Jack placed it in a large, hollowed-out turnip, a favorite food he always kept on hand. He became known as “Jack of the lantern.”

Irish immigrants brought this folktale and tradition to the United States. America’s plentiful pumpkins became the preferred canvas for jack-o’-lanterns, replacing the large turnips and potatoes of Ireland. 

Stay Safe During Halloween

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