Factors Affecting Motorcycle Accident Case Settlements

Factors Affecting Motorcycle Accident Case Settlements

Accurately predicting the value of a motorcycle accident claim is difficult, but there are some important considerations that can shape a settlement offer.

Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Motorcyclists are sometimes at a disadvantage. Some studies show that many people have an unfavorable view of motorcyclists, including jurors. Jury awards are generally lower for motorcyclists than passenger-car claimants, a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of insurance adjusters, who may reduce settlement offers.

Obviously the extent of damages and injuries influences the amount of a case settlement. Another factor is determining how likely it is that the defendant will be found liable. If liability is in doubt, the defendant may want to go to trial. If they win, the plaintiff gets nothing. Therefore, a settlement offer will be lower. If the plaintiff’s case is solid, a defendant might not risk going to trial, where, if the defendant loses, the plaintiff’s award will be greater. This leverage will likely result in a higher settlement offer.

A plaintiff who was physically active prior to an accident—and whose “quality of life” has been curtailed by his/her permanent injuries—will generally have a higher case valuation than someone who was not as active. In addition, if a person’s permanent disability does not affect their livelihood, their lost earnings award will be diminished.

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