Skeletons in Your Closet?

It’s a scenario we see all too often:

Let’s say you’re involved in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, suffered some pretty serious injuries, and are filing a personal injury claim to receive compensation for those injuries. 

Disclose Your Pre-Existing Injuries

Now, let’s also say that you were in an accident years ago or have some old, pre-existing injuries or conditions that you feel could hurt your claim, so you’re thinking about withholding that information from your lawyer.

We’ve got some absolutely critical advice for you: DON’T DO IT!

The reason why is that you can be sure that the insurance company will be digging into your past to discover any old accidents or injuries, and trust us, their investigators will find out that information and they will use it against you to minimize or deny your claim altogether.

The good news is that if you share that information with your lawyer right from the start, he or she can be completely prepared to deal with those kinds of issues and can build the strongest case possible for you.

Conversely, if the insurance company is the first one to find out about those old injuries and accidents and not your lawyer, your case is in big trouble.

So, do yourself a favor; if you have some so-called “skeletons in the closet,” just be upfront with your lawyer and tell him or her everything that could be relevant to your case.

Give your lawyer the best chance to secure fair and full compensation for your injuries. 

How a Personal Injury Vehicle Accident Attorney Can Help

Although you do not need an attorney to file an insurance claim, it can be helpful to have an attorney do some of the legwork. If you are injured, you should focus on trying to heal. An attorney can help with the following:

  • Communicating with the other driver’s insurer
  • Obtaining the necessary evidence to prove your claim
  • Organizing medical records and bills
  • Ensuring all medical records are in order
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to reach a satisfactory settlement

If an agreement cannot be reached between you and the negligent driver’s insurance company, an attorney can help you file a lawsuit to recover damages.

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