Criminal Defense Attorney Helps Defendant Secure Better Federal Sentencing Outcome

I had an interesting outcome in a federal case that was covered in the Anchorage Daily News.  My client was charged with tampering with physical evidence for removing items from the home of a friend who had been charged in a drug conspiracy.  The Anchorage Daily News reported on the outcome of the case here.

The Anchorage Daily News spoke only with U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler about the case and did not ask me.  This is interesting because without talking to the criminal defense attorney, the Anchorage Daily News missed the full story.

In this case, the Federal Government asked the court to impose 15 months prison time on my client.  We asked for 8 months home confinement with passes for my client to go to work.  The court imposed 6 months jail time.  While not what we had hoped for, this was certainly far less time than the Government was asking for.  Without talking to the criminal defense attorney, the Anchorage Daily News story gives the impression that the Government got what they had asked for, which could not be farther from the truth.

If you have been charged with a State or Federal crime (whether it be drug, DUI DWI, marijuana, or theft) you should speak with a criminal defense attorney.  Criminal convictions can affect job applications and can require substance abuse treatment.  Contact the Law Office of Ben Crittenden at 907-771-9002 for a free consultation.  You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, Blog page, or Testimonial page for more information.

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