The College Experience Should be a Safe One

For many students, the college years are an exciting time when futures will be shaped, lifelong relationships will be established, and the transition to life on their own will occur. However, accidents and injuries may disrupt the journey—sometimes through no fault of the student.

Colleges Have a Responsibility to Keep You Safe

A college has a duty to provide a safe campus for students. It is responsible for properly maintaining the facilities, posting clear warnings of hazards, providing adequate security, following safety protocols, clamping down on underage drinking, and installing proper lighting, among other duties. If a college falls short in any of these areas and a student is injured as a result, the student may seek compensation for their injuries.

In some circumstances, more than one party may be held accountable. For example, if a student is hit by a car on campus, the driver of the car may be held liable for damages. However, if a stop sign was missing or a stoplight wasn’t working, the school might be held responsible as well. Determining all potentially liable parties maximizes a student’s chances of receiving fair compensation.

A student’s first consideration following an injury should be appropriate medical attention. After that, they should contact campus police to file a report. The next step should be a prompt call to a personal injury attorney, who will help a student receive fair compensation and prevent them from possibly forfeiting other rights. There are time limits for filing a claim. Keep in mind that state colleges often tend to have shorter ones.

Take Action

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