Crittenden Law Office Supports the George Floyd Protests and Their Commitment to Equality

These are difficult times, and they seem to become more so every day.  As Americans, we need to take the time to recognize those hurting within the Black community and help creates solutions for a better future.  I hope we can reflect on the racism and injustice affecting our Black brothers and sisters worldwide.  It is also my hope that our legal community will have meaningful internal discussions, and work to address how we can do our part to promote justice and equality in our communities.

The Crittenden Law Office commits to supporting the George Floyd Protests, Black Lives Matter, and their commitment to social justice and equality. We support equality of all people and amplifying black voices. This is an ongoing commit, not just a statement today when the issue is trending. We request and encourage you to join us in supporting the end to police brutality with an ongoing donation to one of the following organizations.  Our office has donated.  Click on one of the links below to donate:

Equal Justice Initiative 

National Police Accountability Project

NAACP Legal Defense in Education Fund

While Crittenden Law Office is not an inherently political firm, we believe the legal community has a responsibility to confront racism head-on, and work on ways to further equality and justice.  We simply cannot return to the status quo, not when the status quo is so clearly broken.  This moment can be asignificant opportunity for change, if we all do our part.

If you are interested in learning more about police brutality and black lives, a good place to start is Paul Butler's, "Chokehold," available on  Paul Butler is a professor at Georgetown University Law Center and former U.S. Attorney Criminal Prosecutor.

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