Ben Crittenden Helps Client Get Misdemeanor Assault Charges Dismissed

I had a good outcome in a case this week that I think others would benefit from hearing about.  My client was charged with misdemeanor assault.  My client had a prior assault conviction, so the offer from the prosecutor was 30 days in jail.

The law allows under most circumstances (with some exceptions for domestic violence related charges) defendants and victims to civilly compromise misdemeanor assault charges.  This means that the defendant and victim can work out some type of monetary settlement in exchange for the victim asking the court to dismiss the criminal assault charges.

This is what I did in a case of mine this week.  As I said, the prosecutor’s initial offer was 30 days in jail.  Fortunately, the victim in my client’s was open to a civil compromise.  The result was that we civilly compromised the case and the victim asked the court to dismiss the criminal charge.  The prosecutor did not oppose, and that’s exactly that the court did – dismissed the criminal assault charge.  This kind of outcome is completely consistent with the spirit of our criminal justice system.

This case shows a potential outcome in some misdemeanor assault charges.  Consequently, if you have been charged with an assault, you should contact a criminal defense attorney.  Assault convictions involving alcohol can also require substance abuse treatment.

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