Investigation Into Irregularities in Alaska’s State Crime Lab Could Affect Validity of Its Testing of Illegal Drugs

Irregularities have been found in controlled samples of illegal drugs at the state crime lab.   This has resulted in an audit of remaining illegal drugs samples and a criminal investigation.  The problem was brought to the attention of the Department of Law on Friday.  According to the Department of Law, prosecutors on Monday asked for continuances in five drug cases while prosecutors and State Troopers assess the issue.  These continuances were requested in part to determine if new exculpatory evidence exists in these cases since some of the test results may have been compromised.

According to the Department of Law, foreign matter was discovered in six standards: morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, opium, codeine, and amphetamine.   An audit of the Crime Lab’s controlled substance reference standards is underway.  The Crime Lab is also notifying its accrediting body, The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board.  The irregularities were discovered when new, more sensitive testing instruments began to be used by the Crime Lab.  The discovery of irregularities in the standards has prompted a broader review, to include a criminal investigation, which is being performed by the Alaska State Troopers.  The Anchorage Daily News recently ran a story on this issue.

The extent of the problem at the State Crime Lab is unclear.  It is unclear, for instance, what the scope of the criminal investigation is.  It may be, for instance, that there was a single person in the crime lab taking illegal drugs on his own, or it may be that there is a much different problem.  At this point it is unclear.  What is clear is that we should continue to follow this issue closely and hope the Anchorage Daily News continues to keep the community informed.

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