Optical Illusions to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian injuries and fatalities caused by traffic accidents are a major problem in the United States … and elsewhere. In 2015, over 129,000 pedestrians paid visits to emergency rooms, and in 2017 nearly 6,000 lost their lives, according to U.S. government figures. 

What Are 3D Pedestrian Crosswalks?

In an effort to improve pedestrian safety, many cities throughout the world are taking an innovative approach: 3D painted crosswalks. This plan of action has also begun to “pop up” throughout the United States.

Crosswalks are painted with 3D (three-dimensional) paint. From a distance, the painted stripes appear to be solid, oblong objects that rise above the ground within the crosswalk—objects you wouldn’t want to run into with your vehicle. Close-up viewers see the real deal: paint on the street, no illusions.

The purpose of 3D crosswalks is to grab the attention of drivers, so they slow down at crosswalks, and to break the routine of driver assumption and inattentiveness. Cities/towns that have implemented 3D crosswalks have been pleased with the results, but there are naysayers.

Some critics maintain that a significant percentage of drivers seeing a 3D crosswalk for the first time are startled and swerve or slam on the brakes, potentially creating additional hazards. Others believe that although crosswalks may work initially, once drivers get used to the illusion they’ll be back to business as usual. Currently, no formal studies have been done to corroborate these claims.

Time will tell if 3D crosswalks help reverse the recent, upward trend in pedestrian injuries and fatalities. In the meantime, pedestrians injured by negligent motorists should contact a personal injuyr or pedestrian injury attorney to protect their rights.

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