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How the Holiday Season Impacts Alaska Traffic

Because of the unique conditions and size of the state of Alaska, there are travel impacts drivers in the state should know.

This year has brought unusually high levels of precipitation to Alaska. Temperatures have also dropped below zero at times. For those traveling during the winter season, there is more to consider. Drivers should be aware of the weather and prepare for conditions.

Traffic Delays

Whether you're traveling for the holidays or just looking for something to do this weekend, chances are you'll see traffic on the roads. AAA Alaska says, as of right now, 1.6 million Alaskans are traveling across the state on Thanksgiving, and even more for Christmas, which is up about 13 percent from 2016.

As you might expect, that's a big concern for the highway safety commission and the Alaska Department of Transportation. Here are some traffic tips to help you get where you're going safely.

Plan Ahead

As anyone with any level of experience knows, holiday traffic can be chaotic. However, this chaos can be dramatically reduced if you make a plan for travel in advance. You will need to allow for extra time when traveling at peak times, and you will need to factor in winter weather conditions.

Plan extra time for trips out of town. If you are driving to visit family in the Anchorage area, expect delays of at least an hour on the road and up to two hours at your destination. Travelers from the lower 48 should plan to travel at least a day in advance.

Make Sure You Have a Full Tank of Gas

Before you hit the road, you should check your vehicle's gas gauge or buy gas in advance of your departure. Find the nearest gas stations online and bookmark them.

Icy Roads

Allow for extra time when driving on slippery or icy roads. If your vehicle begins to slide on slippery roads, take the next exit and allow yourself plenty of room to stop. Do not slam on the brakes. If you are rear-ended, try not to move your car.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have a winter survival kit in your vehicle in case of a roadside emergency. Include flares, water, blankets, an ice scraper, and a first aid kit.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Working Order

Check the fluid levels and fluid levels in your tires. Make sure your battery and alternator are in good working condition. A flat tire will have you stuck for a long time in winter conditions.

Before heading out, make sure you are prepared for the weather and have a full tank of gas in your vehicle. Avoid quick starts, jerks, and sudden stops and apply all four tires evenly.

If you have a tow plan in place, have it set up and ready to go before you leave. Keep your car packed and ready to go with a flashlight, some water, and snacks. Having a full tank of gas will also make your trip easier.

Where You Can Turn if Disaster Strikes

Accidents happen every day. On the road, in the air, at work, and just about every place, Alaskans can find themselves suffering the consequences of someone else's negligent behavior.

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