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Holiday Drunk Driving Statistics

Are you ready for a startling fact? Alaska DUI deaths over the holiday period in recent years are dangerous and shocking. Some of the most unsettling include:

  • 3,308 fatalities, 75 percent from alcohol-related incidents.

  • 25 percent were drivers under the age of 21.

  • 3,942 pedestrians were injured

  • 171 people were injured while driving impaired.

  • 37 injuries from motor vehicle collisions due to drunk driving.

What This Means For You

Out of every 1,000 deaths, nearly 50 were caused by drunk drivers. It is important to be extra cautious during the holiday and plan ahead for the dangers and consequences that occur when someone gets behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Safety at Night

Alcohol can impair your ability to drive safely at night and in poor visibility. Any impairment makes it harder for your brain to process things you need to do, like controlling your speed, seeing the road, and interacting with others. You may also be less responsive to stop signs or traffic lights and can have difficulty judging speed while driving.

Your chances of being involved in a car crash are much higher during the nighttime hours. And while the night is still the most dangerous time for drunk driving, it doesn’t have to be a total disaster.

Understand the Brain’s Effects on Alcohol

When you drink alcohol, your brain undergoes chemical changes. The more alcohol you consume, the more these changes can take place. Even moderate drinkers will experience some of these changes, and some may experience more drastic and longer-lasting changes than others. The more significant the changes are, the more likely you are to experience serious consequences.

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According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, Anchorage sees more fatal crashes than any other borough, and thousands more are hurt on streets across the state every year. Our local attorneys understand the importance of getting home safely and work to protect all motorists from negligent drivers.

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