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Accidents At Uncontrolled Intersections In Alaska

Determining who is responsible for causing a crash is central to any car accident claim. The at-fault driver can and should be held accountable for the damage he or she causes. Typically, fault can be determined by examining the road situation. If there is a traffic signal and a driver runs a red light, it seems pretty clear he would be at fault if a crash results. However, things can become more complicated when there doesn’t seem to be any clear indication of what to do at an intersection. When accidents happen at these uncontrolled intersections, where does that leave accident victims?

What Is an Uncontrolled Intersection?

An uncontrolled intersection is a crossroads at which no traffic lights, signs, or other road markings are used to indicate right of way. They are most often found in residential and rural areas that experience little traffic. Given the lack of traffic guidance car accidents are common in uncontrolled intersections.

Who Has the Right of Way at an Uncontrolled Intersection?

Drivers should use caution when approaching an uncontrolled intersection. While it is not necessary to stop if a clear line of sight shows no oncoming traffic, drivers should treat the area like a yield sign. Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary, and continue with care if the area is open.

If there is other traffic at the intersection, rules of the road indicate that when two drivers approach this type of intersection at the same time, the driver on the left should yield to the driver on the right. However, drivers on the right should not assume the rest of the traffic will yield. A driver should only pass through the intersection when other drivers have yielded and there is no other traffic in the intersection.

Get Help Today If You’ve Suffered Injuries at an Uncontrolled Intersection

Unfortunately, many drivers may not even realize an intersection is uncontrolled, or they don’t know the rules governing an uncontrolled intersection. This can cause dangerous side impact or head-on collisions. Additionally, determining fault can be difficult, as there are no clear signs. In some cases, it may even be the fault of a poorly designed road.

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries at an uncontrolled intersection, an experienced attorney may be able to help. Anchorage attorney Ben Crittenden can help you investigate your accident, determine who is at fault, and fight for the compensation you need to make as full a recovery as possible. Get in touch with Ben today to learn more about your rights and how he may be able to help.

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