WATCH Releases Report on Top 10 Worst Toys for Children

The group World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc (WATCH) has released its “10 Worst Toys of 2016” report. Released annually at the start of the U.S. holiday shopping season, the report is intended to bring attention to toys that may pose more hazards than parents realize.

The complete list includes:

  • Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddles Family — choking hazard from small parts.
  • Kids Time Baby Children’s Elephant Pillow — suffocation hazard, but no warning.
  • Slimeball Slinger — slimeball ammunition can be fired with enough force to cause eye injuries.
  • Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers — potential for impact injuries.
  • Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Blaster — potential for eye injuries but carries no warning.
  • The Good Dinosaur Galloping Butch — potential for puncture wounds due to pointed tail. Warns about small parts but not about puncture wound threat.
  • Peppy Pups — risk of strangulation due to long cord. Carries no warning.
  • Flying Heroes Superman Launcher — risk of eye and facial injuries.
  • Baby Magic Feed and Play Baby — spoon that comes with doll has the potential to be mouthed and block a child’s airway. Has no warning.
  • Warcraft Doomhammer — risk of blunt impact injuries.

While critics of the list contend that the risks are quite obvious and that no toy or activity can be completely risk-free, the WATCH group’s aim is to inform parents of hazards they may not be aware of or that are missing in the warning labels.

“Due to poor design, manufacturing and marketing practices, there are toys available for purchase today with the potential to lead to serious injury and even death,” WATCH explained in a statement.

Parents should be careful to notice and consider all of the risks associated with a toy before purchasing for their children. By avoiding the most dangerous toys, and offering proper supervision of other toys, parents can lessen the risk of injuries to their children.

And if you have a child who has been injured due to a dangerous of defective toy, you should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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